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Welcome to the world of fast and convenient online shopping. You're only a few clicks away from having a parcel bursting with stationery love delivered to you anywhere in the world. Here's a few things to keep in mind when shopping online with us.


Secure Payment
Orders placed on our site are encrypted using SSL* technology, so you can rest assured that your transactions are protected. With SSL implemented on both the client and server, information sent via the Internet can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to our server. In order for SSL security to work, you must use an SSL enabled browser. Most browsers, version 3.x and later, support SSL. 

*Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology used by vendors to ensure the security of online business. It negotiates and employs the essential functions of mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity for secure transactions.

Credit Card Details
To ensure customer security, no credit card number is ever stored in our system. Your credit card details will be passed to the payment gateway as soon as they have been collected.

Payments & Gift Cards
We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Paypal and Apple Pay. Items are charged to your credit card when your order is placed. The information on your credit card will not be used for any other purpose.